Who is J ?

I am J

You may have taken a sip of J’s refreshing Ginger Limeade, glanced at a “Juiced by J” bottle and asked yourself “Who is J?” “J” began cooking at an early age, as well as experimenting with and creating her own recipes.

Juiced by J’s line of tasty, handcrafted beverages, made with organic and fresh ingredients, was inspired and developed by Founder & Chief Culinary and Creative Officer, Jana Wilson. Jana’s passion, pleasure, and skill for preparing delicious, mouth-watering gourmet culinary delights fuels the success of her family business. That passion and skill was passed down to Jana by her favorite Auntie, as well as an entrepreneurial spirit inherited from her mother and grandparents. Juiced by J’s delectable flavors represent a combination of Jana’s Caribbean and Southern roots, infused with the love for delicious home-cooking and the expertise of three generations of passionate cooks poured into every bottle.

Juiced by J’s community giveback with every purchase is Jana’s way of connecting her family business with a desire to enhance the lives of others while contributing to her family’s philanthropic legacy. You are helping “J” Empower The Village with every sip!